QA Electrical specialise in offering a complete solution to your energy efficiency needs; starting with a comprehensive energy audit of your business.

Our streamlined approach benchmarks your current performance against industry best-practice – providing raw data, modelling and integrated recommendations to reduce your energy use and associated costs.

A comprehensive energy audit can help you make informed decisions (both short and long term) regarding your electrical design options, capital investment and ongoing production processes.

Audit Approach

In-depth Coverage

Our in-depth energy audits cover everything from technology solutions and power consumption, to energy monitoring and power generation.

Sustainable Future

Our energy audits focus in on sustainability, green building solutions (including retrofits) and solar power solutions to ensure cost-effective energy solutions with a low environmental impact.

Integrated Approach

Our experienced team of certified commercial electricians are ready to implement changes identified during the energy audit.

Electrical Solutions

We provide comprehensive and integrated solutions, with ongoing service, for a range of commercial electrical projects.