QA Electrical specialise in offering a complete solution to your energy efficiency, starting with a comprehensive energy audit of your business.

Our streamlined approach is to benchmark your current performance against industry best practice, providing raw data, modelling and integrated recommendations to reduce your energy use and associated costs.

A comprehensive energy audit can help you make informed decisions for the short and long-term, relating to electrical design options, capital investment and ongoing production processes.

Services and solutions

At QA Electrical, our energy auditing program covers:

  • Lighting levels including suitability for purpose, hardware requirements and light-harvesting options.
  • Latest technology solutions such as Wi-Fi networks commercial and data fibre cabling.
  • Power consumption including metering and suitability of providers and packages.
  • Energy monitoring.
  • Green building solutions at both the design and retrofit stage, to deliver efficient outcomes.
  • Heating and cooling solutions including controlled climate and insulation design, in conjunction with our business partners and providers.
  • Power generation including live monitoring, efficiency and suitability of hardware including solar power.

Integrated approach

Once your energy audit is complete, you won’t need to shop around for new contractors to get the work done.

With expertise across a wide range of electrical applications and a team of commercial electricians in Geelong, Melbourne and Brisbane, we can ensure your new solutions are installed exactly as planned.