QA Electrical is a leading solar power provider, with customised solutions for a range of commercial solar requirements.

We source, design and install only the highest-quality panels and photovoltaic (PV) products on the market. PV products convert the sun’s rays into electricity using semiconductors such as solar panels.

Services and solutions

QA Electrical offers a wide range of solar power installation including:

  • Stand-alone systems.
  • Grid-connected systems.
  • Battery storage systems.
  • Solar panel installations including static arrays and tracking arrays (one axis and two axis).
  • Solar lighting for remote locations for security and cost efficiency.
  • Interconnected networks over numerous structures.
  • Hybrid systems (combination of solar and alternative electricity generation).
  • Off-grid solar power and battery storage systems.

With commercial electricians in Geelong, Melbourne and Brisbane, we have the capability to complete projects Australia-wide. Our approach is to work with you to develop integrated solutions that meet your energy efficiency goals and carbon footprint targets.

To do this, we first analyse your electrical demand and daily requirements before developing a tailored solar power system to match your expected load. This also takes into account the physical structures available, climatic conditions and your specific business strategies.

Battery storage

Battery storage is the next phase in efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective energy consumption. These systems not only provide energy while the sun is shining, but also store additional power to be utilised at night when your energy consumption tariff is most expensive.

A solar-plus-storage system is a great way to reduce your electricity bill.  If sized correctly with a big enough system, you could potentially eliminate the ‘consumption charges’ of your bill altogether.

QA Electrical are leaders in the design and installation of the latest battery storage systems. Our approach is tailored to your needs, analysing your current usage requirements and designing a system that allows you to maximise your energy storage and minimise your bill.

  • Solar power installation Geelong
  • Solar power installation Geelong
  • Solar power installation Geelong