QA Electrical embraces new energy-efficient technologies which emerge at the forefront of the electrical industry.

We work closely with suppliers to develop and refine current technologies that are pushing the boundaries of energy efficiency including LED lightingbattery storage and solar energy.

Battery storage is the next phase in efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective energy consumption. These systems not only provide energy while the sun is shining, but also store additional power to be utilised at night when your energy consumption tariff is most expensive.

A solar-plus-storage system is a great way to reduce your electricity bill.  If sized correctly with a big enough system, you could potentially eliminate the ‘consumption charges’ of your bill altogether.

QA Electrical are leaders in the design and installation of the latest battery storage systems. Our approach is tailored to your needs, analysing your current usage requirements and designing a system that allows you to maximise your energy storage and minimise your bill.

Leaders in battery storage solutions

Battery storage is the latest technological solution for environmentally friendly and cost-effective energy consumption in Australia.

QA Electrical are leaders in the design and installation of the latest battery storage systems, which have the potential to eliminate the ‘consumption charges’ of your energy bill. When installed correctly from the design phase, these systems provide a return on investment over a period of time, alongside their obvious environmental benefits.

Leaders in power factor correction

Power factor is the ratio between the total power demand and the real power used at your premises, with a number between 0 and 1. The higher your power factor, the more efficient your energy use, resulting in cost and environmental benefits.

QA Electrical use the latest technology and equipment to increase the power factor at your premises. With commercial electricians in Geelong, Melbourne and Brisbane we are well-versed on the measures and penalties applied to premises with a low power factor in each State.

Through appropriate power factor correction, you will decrease your energy costs, avoid penalties and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Integrated approach

One of the many benefits of working with QA Electrical is our expertise across a range of commercial and industrial electrical applications.

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