We assisted Ballarat Powder Coating & Sandblasting with the installation of their new blast chamber.

The Challenge

Our client required the supply of power and air to their new blast chamber. This project had to be done safely while ensuring that the new equipment could keep up with the businesses demands.

The QA Electrical Solution

The industrial services team have completed many fit-for-purpose pneumatic solutions for a range of clients across Australia. Our access to the latest technology made for a smooth installation and quick seal fitting (to reduce the risk of leaks) for this project.

The Ballarat based industrial services team installed a 1,200-litre air receiver tank to be used as a buffer for the new blast chamber – allowing the existing compressors to meet increased demand. They also installed a T into the existing mainline to add a length of 40mm pipe to the new blasting pot. Two line filters were installed to safeguard the equipment – one 10-micron and one 1-micron. 20mm line was also run to the two dust collectors for the pulse units.

Our Results

The overall project put QA Electrical Industrial Services knowledge of pneumatic systems on display – avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach and opting for a customised approach instead. Our expert insight into site and client requirements ensures that we work to create bespoke solutions.

Capturing all pre and post documentation prepares us for future requirements such as additions, alterations and remote support.

The QA Advantage

Our level of experience and extensive product knowledge is part of the QA advantage. We are experts in planning and executing custom projects – catering to the client’s current needs while considering their future needs.

Our experienced team of industrial electrical personnel have decades of experience in delivering projects like this. In conjunction with our suppliers, we create end-to-end results every time.