We assisted Scentre Group to reduce their energy consumption by updating the outdoor car park lighting at Westfield Chermside.

The Challenge

After twelve years of service, the traditional metal halide lighting at Scentre Group’s Westfield Chermside property was starting to cause issues. Along with being the principal source of energy use in the car park, the aging lighting system was no longer providing adequate illumination and had high costs associated with the replacement of lamps.

The QA Electrical Solution

We wanted to improve lighting levels and reduce energy consumption throughout the car park. In order to do this, we:

  • Installed 160w 400k LED Zeal fittings in the car parking areas.
  • Installed 80w 400k LED Zeal fittings in the road ways.

The new fittings were mounted to the existing poles, which range in height from six to twelve metres, and produce lighting that exceeds AS/NZS 1680 requirements.

Our Results

As the car park operates for twelve hours per day, seven days a week, we calculated that the lighting system clocks up 5,000 hours of use annually. We were able to achieve an estimated energy saving of 60% by installing the new lighting system. This represents a 6-year payback, with even further savings from reduced maintenance costs over the life of the fittings.

The QA Advantage

Having previously worked with Scentre Group at other Westfield centres, our team were experienced and able to implement a customised solution that met the client’s budget and time requirements. We pride ourselves on our ability to develop long-term professional relationships with our clients – strengthened by collaboration, flexible resource planning and sound communication. This project required pre-planning and precise communication, along with the coordination of numerous staff from all parties on site. The collaborative nature of our relationship with Scentre Group resulted in a successful project that was completed safely, on time and within budget.