We provide expert advice and design for electrical services that are critical to a workplace’s functionality and efficiency.

Effective electrical design, for a successfully operating business

The experienced team at QA Electrical are experts in high-quality electrical installations and automation design. From large scale, end-to-end projects right through to drawings, planning, and smaller projects. We provide electrical drawings (electrical schematics) for projects right across Australia.

Our electrical engineers follow strict quality controls and Australian standards to deliver projects that are safe and efficient. Our turnkey solutions span across industries such as grain, agriculture, water, food and manufacturing. We also specialise in working at unique locations such as hazardous sites.

Quality electrical design, combined with expert implementation and ongoing maintenance, is the key to any industrial site’s performance and continuity. The team at QA Electrical can:

  • Expertly design and plan your project
  • Implement or commission electrical systems
  • Deliver ongoing maintenance to ensure smooth operations
  • Provide emergency support, 24 hours a day to business-critical functions

Talk to us about how we could assist your next project.