QA Electrical are experts in the field of LED lighting, providing energy-saving solutions that meet your needs with added environmental benefits.

Using market-leading technology, our experienced team can help you reduce unnecessary energy usage while improving the ambience and functionality of your lighting system.

We can also audit your current power supplies and light fittings to develop strategies to achieve the best energy-saving outcomes.

We can provide and install

LED lighting control systems using C-Bus.

These can reduce lighting levels during certain times and monitor sunlight to determine internal lighting requirements. These systems are ideal for factories, warehouses and office blocks.

Light-harvesting systems.

These use daylight to offset the amount of electrical lighting needed to illuminate a space, thus reducing energy consumption. We can design and install systems that automatically dim or switch electrical lighting in response to changing daylight.

Lighting systems interfaced with building management systems.

These systems integrate with building air conditioning and staff movement to turn lights on at scheduled times (when offices are occupied) – resulting in the most energy-efficient lighting solutions. Positive outcomes maximise when control systems are retrofitted to buildings and combined with LED lighting upgrades.

Smart systems with LED lighting controls.

These systems can be centrally managed with remote sensors or via mobile. The flexible nature of these smart systems allows our team to tailor the solution to ensure that your LED lighting needs are met.

Accredited VEET installer

QA Electrical is an accredited installer for the Victorian Energy Efficient Target (VEET) Scheme. This government-supported program allows you to retrofit cost-efficient lighting to lower your energy consumption and power bills, with minimal upfront cost to your business.

We can recommend and install the best lighting solution for your business needs, including LED, high bays and fluorescent lights.

Electrical Solutions

We provide comprehensive and integrated solutions, with ongoing service, for a range of commercial electrical projects.