We assisted an industrial client with the installation of a motor control centre and human-machine interface to improve their grain handling capabilities.

The Challenge

Our client’s needs had evolved, encouraging them to consider smarter solutions to their grain handling procedures.

The QA Electrical Solution

The Ballarat based industrial services team installed a human-machine interface (HMI) and a programmable logic controller (PLC) integrated motor control centre (MCC). This system was designed to assist the client’s plant operators with various grading, cleaning and measurement tasks related to grain handling.

Delivering the project from conception through to the final commissioning of the processing plant, the industrial services team demonstrated a thorough understanding of customised automated solutions – highlighting their capabilities surrounding servicing the needs of a range of clients.

Our Results

The overall project highlights QA Electrical Industrial Services’ knowledge of the grain industry and shows a deep understanding of the need for customisation and adaptability – there is no one-size-fits-all approach for projects such as this.

All pre and post-work documentation was centrally housed to ensure the speedy delivery of additional alterations and remote support following the completion of the project.

The QA Advantage

Given the differing needs of every client and each project, the ability to produce tailored control cabinets in-house and customise projects from start to finish is part of the QA advantage. Our in-house engineering capabilities and extensive product knowledge mean that our team of experienced professionals can support the needs of a range of clients to deliver their projects on time, with the required results.