Tailor-made solar energy solutions.

From small to large installations, we have been assisting businesses with tailor-made solar energy solutions for years.

As energy costs continue to rise and it becomes more important than ever to engage in sustainable business practices, businesses are faced with the challenge of finding cost-effective energy solutions with a low environmental impact.

Solar is a powerful resource for commercial businesses and is quickly becoming one of the most cost-effective energy solutions available. From small installations (such as offices) to large projects (like manufacturing plants), we create tailor-made solar systems that work hard to reduce reliance on grid energy and achieve the earliest payback (and ultimately the best financial reward) for our clients

Our Promise

As we undertake an in-depth analysis of each client’s individual energy needs, available space and financial situation, we can offer solar solutions with fantastic returns.

Our Results

For example, Harwood Grains (a large food manufacturer) was able to save $23,102 on energy bills in the first year of having their solar system installed. We calculated that the system would pay for itself in 4.3 years and see the company be $683,189 ahead after 25 years.

The QA Advantage

We have a wealth of knowledge with a combined 20 years experience. We guarantee a safe, high-quality installation and offer smart online progress monitoring as we work to ensure the project runs smoothly with minimal disruption to your business activities. The majority of our solar projects are completed within 4-6 weeks from the initial application.

Solar & Renewables

We are a leading solar power provider, with customised solutions for a range of commercial solar requirements.